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Full Version: Iphone users are switching to Samsung smartphones
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We recently obtained statistics, about the Iphone users who change their phones for Samsung products.

As it turns out 26% of Samsung Galaxy S5 users in Uk, have previously own an Apple product.

It looks like people are fed up with Apple products which don't change a lot, after every model passes.

This type of strategy might have really bad consequences for the whole company.

The biggest problem which the users have is the screen.It is not a bad screen in any way, the problem is that it is too small compared to Samsung products.

To give clients what they want, Apple is currently developing iPhone 6 with a bigger screen which is said to have its premiere is September.

It is a long time, so the percentage of clients leaving Apple might get even higher.

The things look the best in the USA, where there is only 8% of people changing Apple products for Samsung, and Europe has 17% of not satisfied clients.

We are curious to see what will be Apple's next move to stop loosing clients.

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