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Full Version: Sony xperia Z5 coming to Canada next week
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[Image: 15_32_50_XPERIIA_Z5.jpg]
The Japanese smarthphone producer Sony, has announced that its newest masterpiece called Xperia Z5 is coming to Canada very soon.

The device is said to hit the market next week on October 29.

This information might bring a huge smile on all Sony customers in Canada, because Xperia Z5 is a great device.

The smartphone will be a Bell exclusive which might not be the best solution for Sony.

When it comes to the price it will set you back $649.95 if you are looking for an off-contract model and $199.95 for a two year contract.

As usual the device will be sold in the local stores as well as online.

If it is important for you the phone will be sold in two color option black and white.

Unfortunatelly we don't have any information about the other two variations of Xperia Z5 model meaning Compact and Premium model. There is no official statement from Sony yet.
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