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Full Version: New information about new iPhone 6c
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[Image: 16_13_11_iphone_6C_na_styczen.jpg]
Apple probably in January next year, will present the iPhone 5c and it should hit sales in February, the model directed mainly at customers that are looking for a slightly smaller solution without losing the best performance.

IPhone 5c alone was not be the biggest market success from Apple company because it was considered too highly priced as for the product of this series.

Housing made of plastic instead of classic metal casing, discouraged consumers from buying, and the phone itself is practically not different at all from the iPhone 5.

According to reports iPhone 6c will be equipped with aluminum rather than plastic housing, 4-inch display and new A9 layout from iPhones 6s and 2GB of RAM, and will be priced at $500 on the release.
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